20x24x30 PDF Box Plans

Plyometric exercises are designed to develop speed and explosive power, enabling you to dominate in any sport where speed and strength give you the edge. No matter the athletic endeavor, plyometrics will help give you the edge. Box jumps are a common exercise in CrossFit workouts, and Strength and conditioning programs. In fact, CNU.edu has a terrific PDF on some very useful Plyometric Exercises, and a half-dozen box jump exercises with videos to demonstrate.

I’ve spent lots of time and energy putting together these plans to take the guess work out of building your own Plyo Box. These plans are complete with a part list, tools needed, suggested guidelines for cutting, and step-by-step instructions for creating your box.

Is a 20x24x30 box too big?

No problem.¬†After you purchase the box plans, you’ll get access to a calculator where you type in the new dimensions, and it will tell you what your new cuts should be. Follow the plans in the same fashion, except with the newly calculated sizes. No mental energy spent trying to do it yourself.

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A pre-built multi-sided plyo-box measuring 20x24x30″ will cost you upwards of $120. For $30 in parts and materials, you can build it yourself.

My plans will help you build your own box, and for only $9.99. With a diagram for how you should make your cuts out of a 4×8, exactly what parts you’ll need, step-by-step instructions and pictures to show your progress along the way.

I’ve done the planning so that you won’t have to. Hundreds of people have used these plans to build their boxes, and with good results. I believe these plans will help you in the same way.

I’m so confident that these box plans will be all you need to guide you through your box build, that if you’re not satisfied with the plans within 30 days of your purchase, I’ll refund your money. Guaranteed.


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Disclaimer: As in any building project, you are accepting liability for your own project. I have not had any problems with any of my box builds. We use this same box in our CrossFit affiliate gym, and from my experience this box is structurally sound and stable. If you have any suggestions for improvement email me at j@diywod.com.